Home Decor

We have lots of home decor items to complete that perfect style in your home! Anything from vintage to new items, we are certain to have something that will catch your eye! Some items we carry include wall decor, wind chimes, driftwood, vintage items, home accents, local art, and much more! We are always adding new and unique items to our store!

Earthborn Pottery

Now you can have the look of a fine restaurant at home. Earthborn pottery comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Each item is tough enough to withstand daily use, and yet unique, beautiful, and work with any d├ęcor. The abrasive-resistant glazes are fired at such high temperatures that the clay and glaze form an impenetrable bond making each piece extremely durable. Each piece of Earthborn pottery is organic in design and the edges will vary from piece to piece.